A disturbing series of videos posted to TikTok shows a white woman in Virginia harassing several Black soldiers at an IHOP and cursing out another patron who intervened.

The first video, recorded by one of the soldiers, begins with the woman approaching the men at their table for an unknown reason and calling them “s**tbags.” Although the video captures some of the incident, it’s unclear what took place before the recording began. 

“Just so you know I came back in to give her the rest of the cash from my wallet because you guys are s**tbags,” she said. 

The soldiers then politely asked the aggressive white woman to leave.

“Ma’am can you please?” they asked repeatedly.

But she proceeded to sit next to them at their table, blocking their path as they tried to leave.

Another man intervened to assist the soldiers, telling the woman to be quiet and walk away. As the man asked for somebody to call the police, the woman goes off on a rant.

“Are you BLM? Are you Antifa?” she said while walking away.



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