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Christian Pastor: Nigeria Is A Scam, Needs New Constitution, Was Never Constructed By The People. Nigerian Pastor Paul Adefarasin. Photo: Flickr

Christian Pastor: Nigeria Is A Scam, Needs New Constitution, Was Never Constructed By The People

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Lagos, Nigeria-based Christian Pastor Paul Adefarasin said that the West African country “is a scam” and the only way to make it better is to review its constitution so that it can serve the people, not just a few elites protected by the military.

The televangelist heads the House on the Rock Church, which has branches in Port Harcourt, Abuja and London and he hosts “The Experience Gospel Concert.” During a sermon, Adefarasin said that the problems of Nigeria are not its people but the foundation on which it was formed. Something must be done about it or the nation will perish, he said in a video clip shared on Twitter.

“Your grandchildren will not have a future in this land,” Adefarasin told his church congregation. He pointed out that Nigerians are successful everywhere in the diaspora, including some working in the U.S. Treasury and the World Bank.

“The problem is not Nigerians; it is Nigeria and its constitution,” he said. “The document upon which we were formed was a few soldiers who put it together and their surrogates.”

Pastor Adefarasin is one of Nigeria’s most respected preachers. His church is the preferred worship center for some of Nigeria’s most successful people.

It is not clear if he is one of the top five richest Nigerian pastors but he has claimed to be a billionaire.

With the kind of resources Nigeria has, it “ought to be one of the top three countries in the world,” he said, and the international community should not interfere in the name of democracy or having free and fair elections in the country.

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Nigeria is Africa’s largest economy and top oil producer but has faced sluggish growth in recent years due to a drop in oil prices on the international market.

Adefarasin said the next administration should not take power “until we have a veritable constitution that is truly the document of we the people.

“We are suffering in Nigeria, in our hundreds of millions and we need not to,” he said. “The foundation is that document (the constitution) and if that foundation is faulty what can the righteous do? We’ve got to go back to the foundation.”

The next Nigerian general elections are scheduled for Feb. 23, 2023 to elect the president, vice president, House of Representatives and Senate.

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