A woman in Atlanta was enjoying a getaway with her boyfriend on Friday when she was shot by a man harassing the couple in broad daylight.

The suspect, who was catcalling the woman, fired at the pair on Friday after they told him to leave them alone, CBS46 reported

Meairra Mansara and her boyfriend, Juwan Davis, tried to get away as the man fired his weapon. But the bullets struck Mansara in her shin and shattered her tibia. The fire department then responded to the scene and tried to stop the bleeding until EMS arrived.

Mansara’s mother said her daughter will now have a permanent rod in her leg. The injured woman will also have to go to rehab therapy. 

A witness shared his recollection of the incident.

“I was sleeping. It was so early. I just heard like five shots and that’s what woke me. That was my alarm clock,” Leshon Jones, a tenant in a nearby apartment complex, told CBS46.

Samuel Savage, another witness, said he went running when he saw the woman fall to the ground.

“It was really heartbreaking. She was screaming, she was crying and she kept grabbing her phone to call her mom,” he said. 

The Friday tragedy isn’t the only recent instance in which rejected advances have led to physical assault.

Earlier this year, a Harlem woman looking to get wine after work was attacked by a group of men she turned down before entering the establishment as Blavity previously reported. Thanks to community efforts, the assailants were eventually caught. 

Catcalling is a global issue and U.K. city councilwoman Debbie Shannon is leading an effort to make the act a criminal offense, Blog Preston reported.

“In the past, and every day, women have changed their behavior to mitigate this type of harassment-from carrying keys or rape alarms, to stopping going out of their homes at all- but that really is not the answer,” Shannon said. “As the statistics show, the numbers of women and girls experiencing sexualized harassment on our streets have not reduced in response those measures. We need to be addressing this specifically – at a cultural, governmental and legal level for real positive change to occur.”

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